Don’t Hide That There!

Don’t Hide That There!

7 tips from thieves on how to better protect your home

We’ve all done it. Hidden our valuables in the freezer, flour jars and other places thinking the thieves won’t look there. Did you know that is the first place they look?  Here are a few other tips from professional thieves to help you protect your home.

  1. Brand name alarm posts in yards.
    • The commercials say it’s a deterrent, that the robber will see the sign and run, but in actuality, you have just given them an important piece of information, how to hack into your security system.
    • If you want to show the thieves you have an alarm system, invest in a generic one, and keep them guessing.
  2. Leaving the lights on in your home, constantly.
    • This only makes it easier for the thieves to see what they are stealing.
    • Put the lights on timers.
  3. Just going out for a quick run? Need to get something at the store?
    • Did you know that a thief only stays in a home an average of 15 minutes?
    • Turn on the alarm system, even if you’re just stepping out temporarily.
  4. Thinking about a Rottweiler or a Doberman?
    • You’re not the only homeowner that has though a big dog is a deterrent.
    • In reality, smaller dogs are better. Their shrill barks will garner more attention from the neighbors.
  5. Don’t hide your valuables in the bedroom.
    • Most thieves start in the bedroom and then make their way to the rest of the home. Some will even leave after they have taken everything from the bedroom.
    • Do research on where thieves are more likely to look and come up with more inventive ways of hiding your belongings.
  6. Keep the shrubbery trimmed low, really low, better yet, ditch the bushes altogether.
    • Shrubbery around the home is the perfect place for thief to hide.
    • They can jimmy open windows without anyone seeing them.
  7. Keep door and windows securely locked, even the garage windows and doors.
    • If your garage is attached to your home and has a separate entrance, make sure that door is secure with a deadbolt as well.
    • Thieves are always looking for an easy way in, and a standard lock on an outside garage door is just the thing they need to get in; get your stuff, and get out before anyone notices.



  1. Thanks for these good tips. We were having a lot of work done on the house with a carpenter, a painting crew, etc. We discussed privately with the carpenter where he could make a secret compartment for us, we decided on where that would be, and had him do it. A little later someone from the paint crew mentioned in passing that the carpenter had been talking about the whole thing with them — so the secret compartment is not so “secret!” People like to talk and it was probably something interesting to talk about. How can a person have something like this made, if they don’t have the skill to do it themselves?

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