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Why should I choose Security First Inspections?

Our inspection is not a sales call. We are not affiliated with security system providers, hardware manufacturers or installers. Our objective is for you to know where you can improve your security so you can properly balance your security priorities with your available resources and acquire only what you need. We want to earn your trust, not sell you things you don’t want.

What can I expect to receive from an Inspection?

For your residential inspection, you can expect a credentialed, vetted security professional to look over your home from an intruder’s point of view, identifying for you potential security issues and weaknesses that you may not be aware of. After the inspection, you can expect a written assessment of what we saw, along with suggestions on how to strengthen your security.

For your business inspection, you can expect a team of credentialed security experts, two or more, to look over your business and chat with your people from an attacker’s point of view. We will look at physical, electronic and personnel security in your business for potential areas that could be exploited. You can expect a detailed discussion of the weaknesses we identify and other observations we made before we leave and a detailed report to follow outlining how you can strengthen areas that concern you.

What is it that Security First Inspections offers?

As all chess players know, you attack the opponent’s weakness, not his strength. In the same manner, an intruder will attack a home or business he sees as being less-well protected and not attack a target he sees as well protected. Security First Inspections will inspect your home or business and identify what you can do to improve identified weaknesses. Our goal is to improve your security “baseline” and cause an intruder to bypass your home or business when choosing a target.

How does Security First Inspections perform my inspection?

We send a highly trained inspector to your home for a thorough outside inspection and then interview the homeowners to determine your “baseline.” Our inspector will then give you an immediate indication of what he or she found to be followed by a formal report with our specific recommendations to improve your security. A typical residential inspection lasts approximately an hour.

For a business, we assemble a multiple-inspector team, depending on company size, locations and owner concerns and perform the inspection over one or more days.

Does Security First Inspections sell alarm systems or door locks?

No. Security First Inspections offers professional advice and does not represent or recommend any security companies or products. Security First Inspections conducts your inspection and gives you our professional opinion. Our final report serves as your “roadmap” to making security improvements. You then balance your security goals with our specific recommendations, and implement only those recommendations you are comfortable with.

How does your service differ from other security companies like ADT, or Brinks?

Many alarm system providers, and door and window providers, have a goal to sell you a product. We have no such goal. Once you have made the decision to purchase their service or product, there is nothing wrong with that goal. We want to give you all your security facts first so you can make an informed decision about whether you need their service or not. That’s what our inspection and written report is all about. If, after our visit, you decide you need to contact ADT or Brinks, you will be armed with the facts and can have them provide the system or service you truly need.