High-Tech Security for the Gadget Lover

High-Tech Security for the Gadget Lover

As phones get “smarter’ and more tools are adapted to send and receive wi-fi signals, those of

you who enjoy your gadgets (you know who you are) are likely to find securing your homes and

possessions to be not only more effective, but more fun as well.

Here are four home safety and security tools that the digiphile may want to add to his or her

wish list:

The Smart Deadbolt

This device looks just like a regular deadbolt on the outside, but it’s got technology inside that

can communicate with an app on your smart phone (as well as a special, included, key fob).

Replace your regular deadbolt with this little gadget, and nobody’s unlocking your door without

your knowledge. You, and anyone you designate as an authorized eKey holder, can unlock the

door simply by tapping the deadbolt, provided you have your smart phone or key fob in your

pocket or purse at the time. You can manage eKeys from your app, receive alerts if your door is

opened while you’re away, and easily reset the key code if your phone should be lost or stolen.

The Smart Garage Door Opener

Yes, garage door openers have been around for a long time, but the “smart” garage door

opener allows you to access and control all your garage door functions from your cell phone.

With a free app and some simple-to-install hardware that integrates with your existing garage

door opener, this handy device can tell you if your garage is open or closed, alert you if the

status of your garage door changes while you’re away, and open your garage door with a tap of

your phone screen.

The Talking Combination Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Detector

If you’ve ever accidentally set off your smoke detector by burning your roast or forgetting to

open the fireplace flue – then raced around looking for a chair to stand on in order to shut it off

while battered by deafening noise – you know how tempting it is to just remove the batteries

from the darned thing and take your chances. Well, now you can keep your home safe and

preserve your sanity at the same time. A combination carbon monoxide / smoke detector is on

the market that gives you an early, spoken warning prior to the noisy alert and allows you to

deactivate a false alarm simply by waving your arm under the sensor. Additionally, this gadget

will send you a text if the batteries are low, so you always know when it’s time to change them.

The Laser Tripwire

Admit it. You’ve seen these things in TV shows, and you always wanted one. Should an intruder

cross the threshold of your home, the laser tripwire will both set off a noisy alarm and take

a photograph of the individual who broke the beam. As an added bonus, the photo can be

automatically uploaded to the internet to alert everyone to your would-be thief’s identity.

In the digital age, we’re regularly introduced to new, creative solutions to age-old problems. So,

for those of you who are always on the look-out for new technology to simplify your life, it might

be time to upgrade to “smart” versions of your standard home safety and security devices.


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