We used Security First Inspections to check the security of our home. I was immediately
reassured by their credentials and level of knowledge they displayed throughout our home
inspection process. They were professional, courteous and I learned so much from them about
our home security situation. I trust this company and I would definitely recommend them to
inspect your home.

Chrissy Butz - #

Michael Morrow inspected our home and provided a thorough and very comprehensive report on our security needs. He did an excellent job, my family and I trust him completely.

Joy M. Taylor - #

Michael Morrow and Jim Baughman analyzed my security situation and needs. They supplied an excellent, understandable report. They are trustworthy and professional.

Retired Chief Justice Elizabeth Weaver - Michigan Supreme Court

The security inspection of our home was conducted on September 16 2014.

The inspection of our home was conducted in a professional and effective manner. The inspection report was very informative with photos illustrating security concerns. The inspectors asked questions that caused me to realize that when my wife and I built our home three years ago, we did not address security issues that would have been easy to remedy during construction.

The security solutions suggested in the inspection report were practical and affordable. The Security Report gave suggestions of what to do during extended absences; how to reinforce exterior doors and windows; how to secure garage doors; how to improve exterior lighting; how to properly landscape around doors and windows; as well as security of personal information and planning for emergencies.

I strongly encourage everyone to do a security inspection of their home. The suggestions give by Security First Inspections caused me to take action in making my home more secure and gave me a peace of mind that I am doing everything possible to make my home secure and safe for my family.

Jerry and Cheryl Bauersachs - SW, IL

The inspection was done in a thorough and professional manner. The report is informative, simple to understand, and very useful.

Jane Southard - St. Louis

Thank you for the recent security inspection at my office, the detailed report of findings, and specific recommendations for improvement. I found the entire process very efficient, and offer the following testimonial to anyone considering your services.

The inspection process itself was detailed and thorough, and provided an opportunity for dialog on all areas of security and safety. The inspector, Mr. Jim Baughman, was receptive to questions about office safety, and responsive to specific needs of the office environment as balanced against the reality of office security. In short, everyone I interacted with was professional, courteous, and very respectful of my time.

The final report was every bit as professional as the inspection itself. The information contained in the report was well laid out, thorough in its scope, and offered specific and detailed recommendations, with background and rationale given for each recommendation. In particular, I found the ``Why?`` and ``What should I do?`` sections to be informative and very helpful in assessing overall office safety and security.

Every business is confronted with the reality of safety concerns as well as security exposure. The review and report process offered by Security First Inspections provides the objective information that allows a business owner to assess their specific situation and make decisions based on a complete set of data, without the pressure of fear-based sales tactics. I would recommend your services to any business looking to assess their security and safety.

Alexander Loudon VI - D.C.


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